Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Fun Facts!

First week of the Great Print Book Giveaway! At 6 pm today (EST), I'll announce 2 winners from all those who have commented/posted/Tweeted about the contest - and those 2 winners can have their pick of any print book from my bookshelf. Want a chance? More info on how to enter right here.

My Goodreads Giveaway for Summer's Song is going strong, now through next week! Enter here to win an autographed print copy.

Summer's Song will also be releasing as an audio book later this summer. I'm expecting the proofs of the audio files next week sometime, which is always exciting. It's so cool to hear your own words spoken by a professional narrator!

And on a writing note, I've decided my next project will be a major reworking of my novella Tequila Sunrise, which needed loads more conflict driving the action. The good news is that I have a complete draft to work with. The bad news is that I'm planning on changing a whole lot of it. Ah, well. Back to the drawing board. School is almost over, and then I'll embrace my summer vacation and the extra writing time it brings, with open arms!

Here's the new blurb for Tequila Sunrise. What do you think?

When accountant Lou, newly-divorced and unable to have children, is given the chance to sign up for a free dating service, she decides to take a chance on Toby, a construction worker who has no interest in kids or commitment. But when both end up in the “second-choice speed dating room” because they don’t meet the criteria for Charming Hearts, Lou must decide whether she’ll confront the Charming Hearts owners by suing for discrimination, as well as deal with Toby’s surprise announcement that he has a son he never knew about, in spite of the fact that she has no legal experience and suspects Toby only wants a relationship so she’ll take care of his child. 

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