Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: Guest Blogging at Romance Junkies Today!

Hey, all, I'm guest blogging over at Romance Junkies today with a little insight about long it sometimes takes for a story to find a publishing home. In the words of one of my favorite heroines, Summer Thompson, I give the lowdown on the bumps and detours in the road to publishing Summer's Song. (Hint: it took almost 10 years from first idea to release date).

Now, most books don't usually take that long, honestly. But I also want to dispel the myth that writing is "easy" or that authors can conceive of a story and find it a home in a few weeks or months. Sometimes, maybe, yes. Usually it takes longer, and that's where an author's patience comes in.

You must be patient to become a published author, and you must develop a thick skin, because so many people will tell you "No" along the way.

OK, enough blabbing on here. Come over and visit my blog at Romance Junkies, won't you?

(And back here on Friday, I'll be sharing my thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey, which I just finished reading last night. See you then!)

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