Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mentionables: Flu Season and Spring Break

Happy Monday! I'm glad (and relieved) to report that our household made it through a bout with the flu last week. My husband has never gotten the flu shot, and this year it caught up with him :( He did say, midway through the illness "I don't think I've ever had the flu before." (This was also his reason for never getting the shot)

For those of you who have suffered from it, you know one of the worst things is that the flu knocks you out, hard, and for those with weaker immune systems, it can turn into pneumonia or worse. We heard a lot of reports this season about how the flu shot did protect many people (even those who came down with the flu anyway had a much milder case of it) - so please, please consider getting the shot next year! (Note: I get the shot each year, and though I was living in a house full of the virus I didn't come down with it).

Having survived THAT, we are looking forward to Spring Break in Key West, Florida next month. We've never been and are really excited about going (my husband is also celebrating a birthday while we're there, too - even more fun!). So....any suggestions from those who have gone? Good places to eat/drink/visit? Must-sees? Of course the Hemingway House is already on our list!

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