Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Mentionables: Have You Liked my Facebook Page Yet?

Happy Columbus Day! (do we still celebrate this? I know it's become a little less politically correct to do so.). Well, okay, happy Monday instead! And if you happen to have this day off, then I hope you're enjoying it. Around here, we're trying to do the late-fall clean up: empty planters of the last remnants of summer flowers, move deck furniture inside, spruce up the sign post at the bottom of our driveway with some fall decorations and mums.

Oh, and write! Did I mention write? The tentative release date for Inferno of Love is January 2014, and I have lots to do before then! Will be sharing the cover with you in December, and I can't wait. I promise some teasers and excerpts as well. So get ready for a brand new story featuring the folks in Lindsey Point, CT. And in the meantime, have you liked my Facebook page? (yes, I'm sneaking in some shameless self-promotion today) I'm only 5 away from 300 Likes, and I'd love to jump that hurdle this week :)

Thank you!!

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