Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: A Shout-Out to my Writing Support System

Writing is a pretty solitary pursuit. At the heart of it, it's you and the pen (or the keyboard). It's you sitting down by yourself to muddle through the story line and shape the plot and the characters.

But publishing requires a great deal of support, and while that journey is yours alone too, it is usually helped along the way by a variety of people. Today, a shout-out to the people who have supported me and been my resources along the way. If you're looking for any professional services, I recommend all of these:

Jo at Glass Slipper Web Design, who's currently in the process of re-creating a brand new website and "look" for me. She's been terrific to work with these last 5 years, reasonably priced and always doing whatever updates I needed within 24-48 hours.

Karen Dale Harris, my editor for Inferno of Love. She does terrific free-lance editing and, to my pleasant surprise, drops me emails every now and again to see how my writing is going and to share news about the industry. Highly recommended if you need an editor!

Amy Gamet, who designed my cover for Inferno of Love. Also easy and friendly to work with, with very competitive cover design rates.

Jesse Gordon, my e-book formatter. If you need something formatted into ANY file at all, with a quick turn-around and great rates, contact him.

Maria @ My Author Concierge - This is going to be a preemptive shout-out, because we just started working together. But I'm excited to have a virtual assistant who's going to help me organize my promo calendar, help with my releases, and be my all-around go-to person for professional contacts!

And my beta readers...but that thank-you comes on Friday. They get a blog post all to themselves, for being such terrific friends and support systems throughout my writing journey. Here's to 2014!

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