Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fun Facts: An Awesome Review of Inferno of Love

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so thrilled that the folks over at For the Passion of Romance review site loved Inferno of Love and gave it a heart-warming review. Here's just a snippet - follow the link to read the entire review. Big thanks to the reviewers! Readers, remember that reviews sell books - so many buyers read those reviews over at Amazon and other sites when they are deciding whether or not to spend $$ on a book. So if you're read a book you really enjoyed, take those few minutes to leave a review. The author will be sooooo grateful!

Boniface will make readers fall in love with novels all over again with her latest release Inferno of Love!

This novel was such a huge surprise for me because it contains everything that made me fall in love with reading in the first place! Mystery, suspense and wow is it hot!

It is always so refreshing to myself as a reader to discover an author who can impress me by taking traits that are considered classic to novels especially that of romance and grasp my attention from start to finish and Boniface does this for me as a reader!

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