Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Fun Facts: New Reviews for Inferno of Love!

TGIF! This is also the beginning of spring break here, so hallelujah! Finally!

Two new reviews for Inferno of Love this week:

Roxy's Reviews said "This was an interesting read with plenty of twists and turns. Lost love was rekindled, old secrets resurfaced, and guilt over a haunting past was shed. This story was different while adopting all the makings of a great romance."

Lindsey Grey said "The combination of suspense and romance kept me turning the pages as fast as possible. This is one book you want to read in one sitting because you can't bear to wait a moment to know what happens next. In all honesty, I wish I could give it more than five stars. I just love how the story enraptured me and I hope to read more of Allie Boniface and the people of Lindsey Point."

And if you haven't been following me on Facebook or Twitter, The Promise of Paradise has also enjoyed a nice surge in free downloads this week! By mid-day yesterday, its highest ranking in the Top Free Kindle store was #32 overall, and for a few hours it was #1 in Romance, Women's Fiction, and New Adult. Super cool! It's since slowed a bit but still in the Top 100 overall and still #1 in New Adult as of this morning.

What the heck is New Adult? I think I'm going to devote a future blog post to this (and how it helped boost me on the Free Lists) but basically it's a newish genre that's growing in popularity and features a main character somewhere in the college-age range to early after. Figure 18-24 or so. New adult meaning older than Young Adult but not yet completely "grown up" and living on their own with careers and homes. More like muddling through the college years and trying to find oneself.

Anyway, I'll be away next week, so no blog from me until April 21st. See you then!

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