Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: Have You Ever Tried PickFu?

Hey writers, have you heard of PickFu? It's a marketing website where you can ask a question and get a quick response from targeted consumers. A couple of authors on one of my writers' loops have used it to test book covers and book titles and see which was more appealing.

For $20, you get 50 responses. I copied this from the general info page:

Complete the form below to start collecting crowd-sourced insight about your question.
Once you complete your order, PickFu will immediately poll 50 responders to answer your question and explain their choices.

Looks potentially interesting, especially if you're torn between covers (or anything, actually - characters' names or taglines or series' locations or...)

Has anyone out there used PickFu? I'd be interested in your thoughts, if so. And for you writers, it's one more potential site to check out on your writing and marketing journey!

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