Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writer's Wednesday: Promotion with Digital Book Spot

Hello writers! As I am always looking for new and effective methods of promotion, here's one that came across my email the other day: Digital Book Spot, which makes all their arrangements through Fiverr. Has anyone used DBS? Some authors are saying they have a pretty good bump in sales, so it might be worth trying, especially for the low price of $5-20.

Haven't heard of Fivvr? It is this very interesting website where anyone (truly, I think almost anyone) can post a service they will do for $5. Often you can add on other services for an additional $5, but that's the bare-bones start. Just for kicks, I looked at the home page today to see a sample of services up there:

I will translate English into Chinese or Chinese into English 
I will write contracts or any agreement 
I will professionally design a Facebook banner or cover 
I will make your logo or message appear out of clay as a video greeting...

So there you go! Promo food for thought today :)

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