Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: A Taste of Tequila Sunrise

OK, I know this is a very belated Wednesday post...BUT would you like a little taste of Tequila Sunrise? (the novella, I mean, not the drink). This is the first in the Cocktail Cruise Novella series coming out this summer (P.S. it will also be part of a different boxed set releasing in August). It just went out for its final edits today, so hooray!

Here is the scene where our hero and heroine meet for the very first time:

Louise turned away from the speed dating crowd and stared outside, where the sun was just beginning to slip toward the ocean. For a moment she wished she were one of the birds on the horizon, soaring and dipping far above the water. Carefree. Removed.
“Gorgeous, isn’t it?”
Lou froze. That voice. A tanned elbow touched hers. Spicy cologne sent her hormones rocketing. In slow motion, she turned. And bit her bottom lip. And tried to remember how to breathe. Well there you are. Chocolate brown eyes caught and held hers. A smile, framed on one side by that deep dimple, sent something sinfully wonderful squiggling straight down to the pit of her stomach. Lower, actually, to a spot below her stomach that hadn’t felt anything in months.
“Hi. I’m Toby.”

Lou’s entire world splintered, and it was all she could do not to drop her drink and dive into his arms. Maybe Charming Hearts hadn’t been a bad idea after all. 

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