Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fun Facts: How Much Do You Know About Indie Authors and Self-Publishing?

Happy Friday, everyone! If you're in the United States, it's the beginning of Labor Day Weekend - we hope with good weather to round out this summer. Two interesting reads came across my Facebook Newsfeed this week, both related to self-publishing. Now, many of you probably know that I am what they call a "hybrid" author, meaning I'm both published with a traditional press and I've self-published, or indie published, other titles. I have much to say about both experiences, but that I'll save for another post. Today, let's just say that while I do believe that attitudes are changing toward indie authors, many readers do think that DIY publishing is less than authentic. I will say this: for those who do it right, nothing could be further from the truth. Check these out:

12 Things You Should Know About Indie Authors Before You Snub Them

What It Costs To Self-Publish (I actually take issue with the very low figure given to Cover Design. In my opinion, covers sell books. Yes, yes, I know we might not like to admit that, but it's true. I've seen many covers on indie published books that LOOK amateurish. This is definitely one place you don't want to skimp.)

Have a great day and a spectacular weekend, everyone! Go out and buy an indie-published book!

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Janet Walters said...

Interesting articles. Self publishing isn't for me. Too much to learn at my age to make the attempt. I do have friends who are successful publishing this way and I've read some very good self published books and some not so good but that goes with every form of publishing,