Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: Grab a Drink and Feature Your Work: New Promo Opp for Authors

Calling all authors! If you're looking for a promo opp, a chance to get your latest work or your Facebook and Twitter page links in front of readers, here's a chance for you:

I'll be putting my three Cocktail Cruise novellas into a single bundle and releasing it in mid-November (for all you non-ereader owners, yes, it will be available in print!).

I'm including a special section, never before published, called Spirits for All Seasons which will feature drink recipes of all varieties, alcoholic and not. Soooo...if you have a favorite drink, go ahead and give it a jazzy name, tie it to a holiday or special occasion if you like, and send it my way. I'll include your recipe, along with any book excerpt or blurb you choose to include, your author bio, and any links you'd like as well.

Drop me an email at, and I can give you more information. I'll be looking to collect all the information from participating authors by the end of October. Hope you'll join me!

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