Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: The Magic Paragraph to Get You More Reviews

As an author who has lots of author friends on Facebook and Twitter, I come across posts or pictures like this a lot:

And I love them! They make me laugh or smile or nod in agreement, and inevitably I copy or share or retweet based on whatever social media platform I happen to be on at the time.

I came across this blog post yesterday and thought it was definitely worth sharing. How do authors get more reviews??? Well, we can ask for them. We can send out files and free books to a myriad of review sites and blogs and hope they will get picked up. We can also put this "magic paragraph" at the end of our books and hope it will help do the trick as well. It's a good blog post, worth reading in its entirety.

If you're an author, what have you found that helps you get reviews for your books?

If you're a reader, what compels you to leave a review for a book?

And for the love of all things literary, if you've read a book of mine lately and haven't reviewed it over at Amazon or Goodreads, I will raid the shelves at Target tomorrow and send you bags of Halloween candy to do so!

I'm serious. Sort of. If you like candy, and if you're at a U.S. mailing address. Just let me know ;)

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