Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Writers' Wednesday: Spotlight on Author Liz Matis

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Each week this month, I'll be highlighting one of the contributing authors to the Cocktail Cruises Collection -- today's author is the fabulous, bestselling sports romance writer Liz Matis!

Liz is the author of the Fantasy Football series, and she's gearing up for her release of The Quarterback Sneak, #4 in the series, coming next month! Take a peek at this blurb:

A recovering alcoholic, football player Liam McQueen seeks redemption on and off the field. So when the team's owner, the man who gave him a shot at a comeback, demands that Liam pretend to be engaged to his wayward daughter, it's a favor the reformed bad boy feels he can't refuse.

After violating her probation, heiress Hayden Middleton must prove to the court she's changed her wild ways. To appease the judge, the tabloid queen agrees to a fake engagement, but there's nothing fake about the heat that sizzles between her and her father's saintly star quarterback.

Mastering the sex playbook isn't a problem for this wild couple. Outside the bedroom, this mismatched pair must plan a game strategy to confront their demons if their temporary arrangement has any chance of going long.

Will love come into play as the sinner and the saint go head to head?

Want to pre-order this book? Visit Amazon or Liz's Facebook page for all the details about other sites and availability.

Oh! And want to know what recipe she's contributing to the Cocktail Cruises Collection?

...The Tailgate Martini...

Sounds yummy, right? Want to know more? Pre-order your copy today for only $1.99!

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