Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Mentionables: A Review of The Orphan Train

Happy Monday, everyone! Today's blog post comes to  you from Allie the reader rather than Allie the writer. One of the (many) books I got for Christmas was The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Anyone read it? It's a beautiful story and a quick, easy read -- I highly recommend it. The book follows two heroines, Molly a 17-year old foster ward who ends up doing community service for 91-year old Vivan, who was an abandoned 10-year old in NYC when she was put on one of the "orphan trains" to the Midwest and her subsequent journey through 3 different adoptive families (two of which were pretty horrific). The connection between the two "orphaned" women is obvious but not done with a heavy hand, but what I liked most was this glimpse into history. I had no idea about these orphan trains or the circumstances these immigrant children faced if they lost or were cast out by the families in New York.

Anyone else read it?


Mom said...

I'd like to read it. My Florida friend read it and said, "It was OK." She did meet the author at some event and was "not impressed." The history certainly sounds interesting.

Best Reviews for Westport Fishing Charter Ocean Sportfishing said...

I had never heard of orphan trains until I read The Chaperone, which is also fantastic. I'm going to have to look into this, it sounds great!