Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Writers' Wednesday: Two Ways to Tease

Happy Hump Day! Today's post is for writers: among the many marketing strategies out there is the "teaser" picture, a visual that usually includes a book cover and titillating quote to make readers want to know more and buy the book. I am THE WORST when it comes to any kind of artistic design, but fortunately, there are websites out there that make it easy for even people like me to create some decent teaser images. Two I've used in the past are PicMonkey and Canva.

Here's an example:

Thankfully, it doesn't usually take too much time to create these, and while it's hard to say what the overall effect is on readers/purchasers, it can't hurt to have a few in your arsenal of promo, right?

Try them might find them as fun as I do!  And if you have other websites you've used to create teasers, which do you like?

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