Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Writers' Wednesday: Welcome to Summer on Main Street!

Well, here we are at another Wednesday. Happy Hump Day, everyone! I have a project I've been working on, in the very newest stages, but I'll share with you some of the news today: it looks like I will be part of another boxed set, releasing this summer! This time all the stories will be set in small towns -- because there's just so much delicious conflict and characterization that can happen there, right? We're tentatively titling it Summer on Main Street, and we hope you'll look forward to spending part of YOUR summer getting to know each of our small towns.

I'm happy to say that the following authors will be part of this set as well. Please check them out, follow them on Facebook, sign up for their know, all the usual stuff so you get the earliest peeks at when this set is releasing!

Crista McHugh
Rebecca J. Clark
MJ Fredrick
Cerian Hebert
Liz Kelly

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