Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Writers' Wednesday: Check Out Running in Stilettos!

Alright gang, better late than never today...

In honor of Writers' Wednesday, here's a shout-out to one of my new favorite authors and Passionate Kisses sisters, Rebecca J. Clark. She has a brand new release this month!

A sexy new romantic comedy by USA Bestselling author Rebecca J. Clark. 

Book 2 in the Red Stilettos series--this is a stand-alone book (no cliffhangers in this series), but it might be more fun to read Book 1 first because those characters show up in this story, too.

A life she never knew she wanted...

Jet setter Ava Thompson is forced to spend the summer stuck in suburban hell to take care of her sister's house and dog, but cooks up some fun seducing the sexy single dad next door, never expecting to discover a life she never knew she wanted.

Rebecca writes funny, heartfelt stories that have great character development and wonderful, real-life situations. (I loved her book Shameless too, by the way -- another read that's highly recommended.) Grab either one of these books and enjoy :)


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