Monday, February 12, 2007

A Good Weekend

"I get by with a little help from my friends."
~ John Lennon

So this past Saturday, I hopped into my little salt-covered car and drove about an hour to check out the closest RWA chapter. After getting lost twice, I finally arrived…and really enjoyed myself, overall.

I’ve been lucky enough to develop such good working relationships with online writing friends, that the idea of meeting and discussing and critiquing with people *in the flesh* seemed almost odd.

Not to worry. It was nice to be in a room with 8 other people who write romance and are at various stages in the publishing pipeline. Interesting discussion, honest feedback on ms. pages, and an easy camaraderie that comes from having a common element. I’m hoping this will be the beginning of a good year with this group.

In our local paper over the weekend was a list of movies to “warm your heart without romance.” ("Each of these stories is about true love, for sure, just not the cliché kind…")

So tell me: which of these have you seen and enjoyed? Which would you recommend to someone else, and which would you watch again?

“Citizen Kane”
“Driving Miss Daisy”
“Field of Dreams”
“Harold and Maude”
“Lost in Translation”
“Mary Poppins”
“Pay It Forward”

“Rain Man”


Marianne Arkins said...

I've considered joining my local RWA group, too... Glad your's turned out so well!

Hmmm... I've only seen three of those movies: Beaches, Rain Man and Pay it Forward.

Again, all three tear-jerkers. Are they about true love? Absolutely. Are they about romantic love? Not so much.

Would I watch them again? I have watched Beaches and Pay it Forward more than once (and they always make me cry), and Beaches is one of my fave movies. Rain Man, not so much -- and I can't stand to watch Tom Cruise anymore, even in his old stuff.

What about you? Have you watched all / any of them? What did you think?

Marianne Arkins said...

Oops... I've seen Mary Poppins, too. Of course. And yes, I've watched it over and over.

In fact, and this may be dating myself, I saw Mary Poppins for the first time at a theater (it was the second "theater" movie I ever saw, "Willie Wonka" being the first).

Judy said...

“Beaches”- I really liked this
“Citizen Kane” I would watch this again... it's interesting
“Driving Miss Daisy”- I really liked this one and would watch it again
“Field of Dreams” - I've never seen this one
“Harold and Maude”- or this one
“Lost in Translation”- or this one
“Mary Poppins”- one of my very favorite movies of all times (you are talking about the musical, right?)
“Pay It Forward”- I've not seen this one
“Rain Man”- I like this... Hoffman is one of my all time favorite actors. I can put up with Tom Cruise for the sake of Dustin Hoffman

I wish we had a local RWA group... I have the choice between Atlanta and Macon :-( sigh