Saturday, March 24, 2007

Goodies for You

Happy Saturday!

Thought instead of posting any writing news or pearls of wisdom ;) today, I'd let you in on a few freebies that are out there for the taking:

1. Julie Cohen is giving away a copy of her newest release, Driving Him Wild.

2. Carly Phillips is sending bookmarks and autographed bookplates for her 2 upcoming releases to anyone who mails her an SASE.

3. And while you're at the above link filling out Carly's information, check out the blog space for rent that Alison Kent is offering. She claims to get 1000 visitors/day, so if you have anything to blog about or promote, that's a great opportunity!

4. While this one isn't totally free, you can celebrate the up-coming Buy a Friend a Book week and share your love of books and reading. And hey, you might just get a book in return. Karma, you know. (Thanks, Judy, for the link!)

5. Visit Marianne's site for a few more freebies...

Okay, I'm off to write (and clean the coming this weekend).

Have a great one!


Marianne Arkins said...

Your Carly Phillips link actually goes to Alison Kent's site.

And, hey, what a great idea Alison has! Wish I could think of something amazing to say...

Happy weekend! Looks like another hammock day today (I don't want to talk about the snow coming in tonight).

Allie Boniface said...

True...'cause that's where I read about Carly's giveaway. Plus then you can read about Alison's cool rent-a-blog idea while you're there. Carly has her link to her home page in that blog, and it's well worth a visit. Lots of info and fun to read!