Friday, March 02, 2007

Writers' Groups

Why I love writers’ groups:

1. They understand the meaning of query, synopsis, partial, black moment, hero’s journey, POV, H/H, WIP, and RWA.

2. They are brutally honest about why the scene in the middle of your story absolutely, 100%, does not have to be there. And they will pick you up when you’re finished mourning after deleting it.

3. They will bend over backwards to help you research a city/celebrity/disease/time period for your latest WIP.

4. They will meet you at Border’s on a Thursday evening and willingly give you feedback on your latest chapter even though it’s 6:00 and they could be at home sitting down to dinner or having a big ol’ glass of wine with their feet up.

5. They will celebrate with you at every milestone on your writing journey.

What do you appreciate most about your writing group/critique partners?


Judy said...

One thing I appreciate most is that y'all keep me on track and, when I want to get lazy, y'all kick my butt!!

I only wish there were a local writers group so I could get that in real life as well. Sigh.

I think all of y'all should move down to within a 30 mile radius of me ;-)

Tricia Jones said...

They come out and find you when you get hideously lost on your way to the new meet-up venue, when the rain is lashing and a storm is brewing ... then they help you formulate the experience into a new story idea as you dry out in the warm.

Marianne Arkins said...

Bouncing ideas off another writer is the best!

Being accountable.


Wish I could say "meeting at Borders", but you and the rest of my writing group live too blasted far away.