Monday, April 09, 2007

Unplugged and Loving It

“I want young people to see not only what I did with my life, but what they can do with their lives.”
~Bill Clinton

First my good news: I opened up my email inbox Easter Sunday to find a contract offer from The Wild Rose Press to publish Lost in Paradise in their Champagne Rose line! Very, very exciting news, especially since this was the novel I pulled from Virtual Tales a few months ago because I wanted to find a different home for it. It’s always nice when you take a gamble and it pays off.

TWRP publishes everything longer than 55K words in print, so this one should be available from Amazon sometime in 2008, I’m guessing. Stay tuned for the details!


Well, as those of you who visit my blog regularly know, I was away for a few days last week. I was away in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to be specific, for a Spring Break getaway with hubby.

Why Hot Springs? Well, I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to bathe in 100-degree mineral water, en route to a steam bath and killer massage, in the tradition of men and women from centuries past. And hubby wasn’t about to let the chance to go diamond mining pass us by. After all, if it’s featured on the Travel Channel, it must be an adventure worth pursuing, right? And the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock is an impressive collection, well worth seeing if you're ever down that way.

I have pictures that I'll post, hopefully tomorrow, because today Blogger doesn't seem to be cooperating.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trip. But here’s the interesting thing: I didn’t check email or voicemail the entire time. Nope, not once. First of all, I didn’t have any Internet access. There was one cafe in downtown Hot Springs where you could buy time online for $.10/minute, but I decided to spend my money on a latte instead. So for 4 days, I didn’t read blogs. I didn’t check my inbox. I didn’t follow the Samhain Yahoo group discussions. And I forgot the charger to my cell phone, so the battery died the first day and I couldn’t have checked my telephone messages anyway.

The first 24 hours were a little weird, I’ll be honest. I’m online just about every day. So to go 4 days without any electronic contact felt a little strange, at first. But by the last day? I didn’t miss it. In fact, I was home for almost 24 hours before I turned on the computer at all. And it made me wonder just how dependent we are on our electronic connections, after all.

[The best unintended effect of my unplugged 4 days? I got an idea for a brand new 24-hour novel. Love the concept. Love the characters. Love the complexities that kept popping into my head as the day went on. Only thing I did not love? Trying to scribble down the idea on my 2x3” notepad while a flight attendant spilled ginger ale on my lap.]

So anyway, how plugged in are you? C’mon, be honest. How much time do you spend on the computer each day or week? And how long would you be able to go without?


Marianne Arkins said...

I get the shakes when I can't get online... LOL... I'm terribly dependent on it for everything I do: work, pay bills, stay in touch, etc.

How did we ever live without it?

And, congrats again on your Wild Rose acceptance! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hold another one of your books in my hands!

Welcome home. Can't wait to hear more about your next 24 hour story! Yay!

bunnygirl said...

Totally 'net addicted here!

But yeah, I know what you mean about not missing it once you've weaned yourself off for a couple days. As long as I have access to books and newspapers, I can keep myself happy.

And as an aside, get a Moleskine book for those sudden ideas! I have a largish one for car trips, and a little pocket one in my purse for "anytime, anywhere" inspirations.

Charity said...

Now that’s the way to end a vacation. Congratulations! It’s well deserved.

Mary Lou said...

Congratulation on the The Wild Rose Press publishing Lost in Paradise. What an accomplishment!!

As far as addicted to the computer and Internet, I hate to admit how addicted. I check my email countless times a day, like I am really expecting something earth shattering, but you never know. Whenever I have any type of question, I just do a search to get an answer. So addicted, YES I am!!!

The longest time I have been away from the computer is a weekend when we went to an outdoor festival and camped. No WiFi up in the Berkshire Mountains.

Wow! said...

Hi Allie,

Congrats on The Wild Rose Press!

I also went to a hot spring, Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa, about a month ago to meet with Kathryn Jordan. Ahhh, the mineral waters are so nice! I'm going to post the adventure on our blog soon.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, I subscribed to your blog with and have your blog listed in our blogroll at the WOW! Blog! You can see it here:

There's a link to your blog on the right hand sidebar, under "BlogRoll: Friends of WOW!"

Well, enjoy! And I love reading your blog. ;-)


Fred Charles said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :) I will add you to my blogroll.

Congrats on getting a contract for your book! You must be very excited!