Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three More Writing Links

"Every writer I know has trouble writing."
~Joseph Heller

Congrats to Mel, the winner of a $5 Amazon gift certificate from a random drawing of everyone who commented on yesterday's blog! Mel, email me at and let me know which email address to send the GC to.

Today, I've no time for musings, long-winded or otherwise, so I'm sharing 3 links to writing sites that look pretty cool:

Creative Writing Prompts is chock-full of prompt ideas to jump-start your writing, and in light of yesterday's blog post, I thought you might find it helpful.

Dan Poynter is well-known for his advice on self-promotion, so check out his site for a variety of information.

Finally, Once Written provides, among other things, free content for bloggers, on those days when you just have nothing interesting to say. Pay them a visit as well!

By the way, I'm looking to feature interviews with writers, published or aspiring, in the next few weeks for Writers' Wednesday, so if you're interested, leave me a comment or email me at

Have a great day!


ollie1976 said...

Thanks for sharing the links.

robynl said...

congrats Mel.
I do visit Once Written and like it.

Mel said...

Thanks for the congrats. I think once every decade I win something so I'm estatic.