Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lots of Good News to Share

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance."
~Bern Williams

I'm back from vacation, I'm enjoying summer vacation, and everything is going smashingly on the writing front as well.

Good News #1: I'm just about finished with my final line edits for One Night in Boston. Even better, the final line editor asked my regular editor if there were plans for a sequel, 'cause she wanted to see my two secondary characters get together. I'm taking that as a vote of confidence that my writing is decent and that my characters are compelling and likable, even the minor ones.

Good News #2: I'm working with a website designer to update my website, hopefully in time for my July 24 e-release of ONIB. She's a terrific woman who owns Glass Slipper Web Design, and she's doing discounted designs for Samhain authors, so I lucked out. I'll keep you posted on the unveiling of the new site!

Good News #3: I had a great time *finally* meeting one of my long-time writing mentors, Cynthis Borris, when she was in Philadelphia (i.e., my side of the country) last weekend for a conference. Here we are downtown, I think in front of City Hall, though I can't be positive.

Good News #4: This last one isn't necessarily good news as far as my husband is concerned, but he'll deal with it. We've apparently become host to a bevy of wildlife birthing activity this spring, as we have a family of 6 - yes, 6 - groundhog babies living under our back porch. They're a hoot to watch: they frolic in the backyard under their mother's watchful eye and generally get a thrill out of eating grass. Then yesterday saw the debut of a brand new pair of fawns. We have deer on a regular basis, and though they do a number on my plants, I'm still a sucker for those spotted babies!

So yeah, life is good. What about with you?


bunnygirl said...

Wow, such wonderful news about your book and future publishing prospects! And baby animals, too!

My good news is that the house we were looking to rent is now being offered to us as an owner-financed sale. And we can afford it! But house-buying is scary and stressful, so it's not unmitigated good news and I'd be feeling better about it if my worries weren't keeping me up at night.

I need some baby animals!

Marianne Arkins said...

Hey... good news about ONIB and it's possible sequel. Did you also mention ONIM? And, which secondary characters -- Dillon and (friend from school whose name I can't recall)?

Baby critters are the best. How can you be sad when you see them? I keep hoping my chipmunks will show of their progeny, but no luck yet.

No good news from NH, though. I won't spoil your high with my not-so-good news.

Hope you gave Cindi a hug from me!

Allie Boniface said...

MA, Not so good news? I don't like the sound of that...

cynthia said...

Hi Allie and Marianne,

Alison hugged me so tight we shared one writer soul. Maria, I'm sure she had you covered in the embrace. It was a wonderful unquestionable moment of old friends getting together and falling into step side-by-side.

And yes, that's City Hall. I walked the streets of Philadelphia so much feel like the Bruce Springsteen song.

Maybe you can post the better picture that I cropped. You look so cute.

Although we had to edit our plans and rewrite our meeting, it was a thrill to meet one of my closest writer pals.

Congrats on the good news!