Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making Changes

"It’s only by daring to dream, our relentless pursuit of those dreams, our determination to realize our dreams – it’s only by never giving up and writing anyway that we become the kind of writers (and people) we want to be."
~Marilyn Beker

Here's a great article on the dreams of writers (thanks to Marianne for sharing it in our writers' group the other day!):

Dare To Dream - Write Anyway!

So I'm in the process of working with a website designer to change my website. Last summer, when I was just getting my feet wet with the whole cyber-world experience, I used a very simple template to put up something for myself. Now that I'm lucky enough to have 2 upcoming novels in the works for publication, I decided I wanted to upgrade and do something a little more professional.

Here's my question: what do you like in a website, especially a personal/author one? Anything that really turns you off? Anything that makes you grin and stay and check out all the pages?

Just curious...


Judy Thomas said...

One of my favorite author sites is Karin Slaughter's. She has a lot of different things going on. She always has games, contests, puzzles.... and the content changes so you don't get bored. She has a pretty nifty newsletter, as well, that comes out sporadically.

Anil P said...

I would prefer a simplistic one, someplace where the content holds my attention rather than gimmicks that litter the site and seek to draw my attention away. I'm surprised how unfocussed some author sites are unless maybe if I'm wrong in expecting them to focus on writing matters more than desultory conversations that jump off at every tangent possible.