Sunday, June 10, 2007


"A preacher's wife proofread his sermon and wrote next to one paragraph, 'Weak point--shout loud!'"

Well, I'm done with my second round of edits for One Night in Boston. Now it's off to the final line editor to catch typos and spelling glitches and formatting issues. I'm still waiting for my cover to be approved by Samhain (Crissy, the owner, has to approve them all before they go up on the site officially), but then I'll make sure to post the link here!

We had a long discussion at my local RWA group yesterday about book covers: what people like, what people don't, what publishing companies do to try and make them appealing. One of the members, who's multiply published by Harlequin, talked about how the cover artists are told to make each cover by an author resemble her other ones (same color scheme, font style, general design style, etc), so readers will recognize the similarity and know it's the same author. She also shared a funny story in which Harlequin changed the title of one of her books from "The Trapper's Woman" to "The Trapper" because they wanted to put a picture of a sexy guy on the front. She said OK, fine. She got the cover, and it featured the back silhouette of a woman with long flowing hair.


Too funny, to find out these things about the publishing industry.

Here's something else I've discovered, since I've signed a contract and worked through the editing process: you're never really finished. And I don't mean with the work, or the publicity. I mean, I think writers always find things in their novels they want to tweak. Even when my editor sent me her comments, I went through the story and found so much more I wanted to change.

That wording stinks! That plot point needs more development! These two sentences should be switched around!

I've heard it said that that's normal, that you have to just let it go at some point even though you could probably write and rewrite certain sections forever. Still, it's a weird concept.

Enjoy your Sunday...


bunnygirl said...

Congrats on your edits! We're never satisfied, are we? I bet it's just fine, though! :-)

Marianne Arkins said...

I can't WAIT until this is out. It may be one book I buy in both e- and print formats because I don't wanna wait.

True about stories never being done. I still go back on ones that are edited and published and think, "If I changed this or that, it would be a much stronger story."

Oh well. Let go and move on, I suppose.

Allie Boniface said...


You're so sweet...