Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Vacation!

I'm off on another vacation today...the beautiful benefit of being a teacher who is also married to a teacher, with no kids, which = summers off.

It's not a *real* vacation, I suppose not for hubby anyway, who's going to be at teacher training all day Wednesday - Friday, but since the training takes place in Cleveland, my former hometown when I was in graduate school, it'll be vacation for me as I tag along and spend those 3 days catching up with old friends and visiting some old haunts. Should be fun!

And just in case you didn't get a chance yet, stop by and visit my brand new website...up and running just in time for the debut of One Night in Boston (publication date 2 weeks and counting!) You can read an excerpt here.

Tomorrow, a fellow Samhain author will be here for an interview...Diane Craver. Make sure to leave her a comment or two, OK?

And yes, since my Internet access will probably be limited while I'm away, and because Blogger doesn't let you future-date your posts, I'm posting Writers' Wednesday and Diane's interview this morning as well.

See you on Saturday!!

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