Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Contest

Well, this Best Ebook of the Summer contest has now begun to consume my life...and not necessarily in a good way.

My brother-in-law, an uber-successful NYC businessman, has decided it will be his week's mission to make sure I win, and with contacts in every country in the world, I might have a chance (he called yesterday to tell me that "Brazil, Hong Kong, and London" had checked in and voted). Now if only that will translate to sales, esp. when One Night in Boston comes out in print!

But I am rather tickled that I'm running neck-and-neck for the lead, especially with an author who has 5 published novels under her belt and who entered the contest "to get a little promotion for the novel that got overshadowed by the others" she published this summer. Jeez.

So if you haven't voted, please do, and even if you have, please spread the word to anyone else who hasn't. It would be nice to win and gain some name recognition for myself, along with a review from a multi-published author, to boot.


I'll leave you with this today: The Samhellion newsletter, put together by Samhain authors. There are some great articles in the September "Great Beginnings" issue...check it out!


Marianne Arkins said...

NONONONONO.. you're behind again. Who else do I know? I've emailed my family and friends. I'll have to hit up the neighbors now.

Good luck.

Becka said...

How funny, Allie. IT'S CONSUMING ME TOO!!! :D It's actually fun trying to "keep up" with you, but damn, girl, it's pretty hard!

And of course, you gotta know you were the dark horse there for a bit... I was competing with two authors in an anthology and then you rounded the bend like the Black Stallion to come up from behind and zoom right past me. LOL

"Oh no she didnt!" **snap**snap**headbob**


And how funny, my friends/family have mentioned the same thing "You ain't losin". For us both, I hope we tie. That would be awesome.

If you win, tho, no hard feelings, really. I just think this is too cool. I've never gotten such a response before in a poll, so the extra exposure is nice, not to mention getting all that traffic to visit Ciar's blog.

And btw, I have 5 books with Samhain. I have a few more with Champagne Books. :D

Good luck to you, Allie! But know that I'm not giving up. If you're gonna win, you gotta work for it, lady!!! >:D


Allie Boniface said...

Becka, It is fun and yeah, it would be nice if we tied :)

But the exposure is great too, as you say. Esp. since this is my very first novel...