Sunday, September 16, 2007

From 4th to 3rd

Brrr! 45 degrees here this morning. Guess I'm going to have to admit that fall has arrived, huh? That's if the orange leaves and the big yellow vehicles lumbering down the road in the morning didn't give it away.


Well, I've moved from 4th to 3rd place in the "Best Ebook of the Summer" contest, thanks to your votes! But I'm pretty far behind the leader, so if you haven't voted, or if you have friends/family/neighbors/co-workers that haven't voted, let them know, so they can cast their vote for ONE NIGHT IN BOSTON too. Thanks!!


Today's Unconscious Mutterings:

  • Rita :: Moreno

  • Comedy :: Tragedy

  • Polar :: Bears (do you know they're dying off and will be extinct by 2050 unless we do something about global warming?)

  • Idiots :: People who don't realize the above and live as if the earth is theirs to waste

  • Perception :: Viewpoint

  • Infected :: Snakebite

  • Fake :: Leather ~ the only kind to wear!

  • Relating :: Family

  • Distraction :: My cats, when I'm writing (I still love them, though!)

  • Gamble :: Vegas

    Daisy Cat said...

    Cats are such a distraction aren't they, mine love to try and sit on the keyboard while I work!!

    Zooomabooma said...

    44 here, gotchya beat by 1!

    And ya know, I'm not so sure you and I can stop global warming. Even if 200 million of closest neighbors stopped driving their cars, factories around the world would still be doing the worst damage... not to mention Communist China who apparently doesn't care.

    It's sad.

    Allie Boniface said...

    Zooma, I know...though I try to do my part, you're right. Things have to change globally to make any kind of difference. Sigh.

    Kwizgiver said...

    We've got some common answers. :-)

    BookGal said...

    Polar bears seems to be a common answer.


    I didn't think of Rita Moreno. :-)