Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, One Night in Boston was part of The Romance Studio's Book-a-Day Giveaway. That feature at TRS is a nifty little one in which authors donate copies of their books, and then on any given day, readers/viewers/anyone can email their entry to try and win one of them. There are multiple books each day, so you have to indicate which one you want, and you can only enter once from your email/IP address.

There were 3 other books along with mine on Saturday, and to be honest, I was a little worried that no one would want to enter for ONIB, or that I'd have 5 entries from which to choose (not that there's anything wrong with 5, but...)

Well, I opened my email inbox on Sunday to find a list of 120+ people who had entered to win my book! Now, I have no idea how many people typically enter, and I'm sure TRS has a huge following, but I was so pleased with that response :)

The other nice thing that TRS does for its authors is provide the email addresses of everyone who entered *who chooses to divulge their email address for future mailings.* About half of the people on my list did, which is great...but I don't have a newsletter or anything. I know a lot of authors do, but the idea of putting together one more promotional thing right now is a little overwhelming. I'm thinking of just adding those people to my general email list that I use for announcements about releases, etc.

What do you think? Does anyone out there have a newsletter? Do you think it's worth it? I know some of you have participated in the Book-a-Day Giveaway, so what did you do with all the email addresses you got?


Judy Thomas said...

RE: shorter days. Allie, I have to admit, the only reason I like the shorter days is I'm not very clock-conscious. When the days are longer, a lot of times we don't end up eating supper until 9! We're outside either with work or with messing around in the yard. My cue to get supper started is... oh, look at that... it's getting dark!

Congratulations on so many names for your drawing. And, as for your newsletter, I'll email you... maybe we could come up with something for you :-)

Sarita Leone said...

How wonderful that you had so many names in your drawing. But I'm not really surprised. It's a great book, and I'll bet a lot of people are anxious to read it.

Ah, the newsletter dilemma. I'm struggling with it too. One more thing to squeeze into an already packed life...*sigh*

Happy Monday to you! :)

Diane Craver said...

I did send a newsletter to about 95 people (names from chats and contests)but I did it by just typing in their email addresses myself. I did get quite a lot of names too from TRS for the book giveaways so need to figure out an efficient way to do a newsletter.

Some people don't like yahoo for newsletters and I do know of two free services so will email you what they are soon.

Dru said...

As a reader, I love email newsletter. It keeps me informed and going back to the author's website or blog.

That is great that you received over 120 responses. I've never heard of TRS but it is now bookmarked.

Allie Boniface said...

Hmm...I suppose this means I shall have to add "create newsletter" to my list of promo things to do. Darn it.

ollie1976 said...

Congrats on the 120+!