Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Review Is Up!

Fellow Samhain author Ciar Cullen wasted no time in reading and reviewing my novel One Night in Boston, the winner in her promotional contest last week. And here it is...go and read and then come back, OK?

She was quite kind, I think. My favorite part:

"As much as this book is about loss, self-doubt, redemption, and finally, love, it is also about the definition of success. Maggie is a self-made businesswoman who is losing it all. Her stepbrother Dillon is a self-made businessman who has made it, but still has a hole in his heart. Jack, our hero, was born to wealth, but struggles to define himself in other ways. The way the three come together in forgiveness and a redefinition of family, trust, and belonging was masterful."

Wow, thanks, Ciar!!


In other news, I'm thrilled to death that my beloved Cleveland Indians clinched the AL Central and are headed into the playoffs!

I lived in Cleveland in my early twenties and discovered pro baseball when I was out there. Though I now live close to NYC, I will always be a Tribe fan. When I was living in Cleveland, in the mid-90s, the team was white-hot and went to the World Series (but lost) twice. Home games sold out something like 400+ times in a row, and let me tell you, everyone in and around the city lived and breathed the team.

I miss that, now, but I try to get to a game whenever I'm in town. Hubby and I were lucky enough, back in July, to catch a perfect one: it was against the KC Royals, and the Indians won in the bottom of the 9th. Perfect weather, perfect comeback, and a perfect fireworks display following the victory.

Ooh, I get chills just thinking about the post-season!!


Sarita Leone said...

Congrats on the great review!

Marianne Arkins said...

That was a great review!! Awesome.

And, I'm so NOT a baseball fan.

Now, hockey? Oh yeah... and the season starts soon...

Mel said...

Great review!

Dru said...

What a great review. Congrats!

Those idiot Yankees can't even win a game they need to.