Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflecting on 2007 - Part 2

And here we are, in the final hours of the year. Can you believe it? Here are my reflections on July - December:
July 1, 2007

"Fifteen Things for which I am Truly Grateful (Appearing in no particular order)

1. My family - my parents, my sister, my husband. My niece and nephew. Everyone who shows me what unconditional love is."

The beginning of a cool meme - I was happy I had no problem thinking of 15 things, and probably could have gone on for more! It's always good to stop, take stock and give thanks, I think.

August 1, 2007

"Welcome to Writers' Wednesday! Today we have another author interview, this time with fantasy writer Jim Melvin. Sit back, relax, and learn about his six-book series premiering in fall 2007, The Death Wizard Chronicles."

This was one of my early author interviews. I've really enjoyed doing them every Wednesday; I've learned so much and met some really cool people. I already have authors lined up through May 2008, so watch out!

September 1, 2007

"First off, a big THANKS to everyone who visited my blog and played along in the One Night in Boston trivia contest this week. I'm hoping you enjoyed getting to know some of the characters in my novel and will read on to find out what unfolds for them next!"

This was one of my first giveaway contests...and the one that Dru on to find out more about Dru!

October 1, 2007

"Last Friday, I was setting up an activity for my students when I overheard a piece of their conversation: "Man, I love this class. It's like - remember when you were in kindergarten, and you loved going to school every day because it was fun? That's what this class is like."

Ah. Always good to remember my day job, the one that pays my bills and keeps me sane when writing makes me crazy (well, okay, teaching makes me crazy too, but in a different way). I still enjoy it, most days, and feel lucky to have my cozy classroom to go in to, every morning.

November 1, 2007

"Ah, the day after Halloween...All Saints' Day. There's actually a Catholic school in town that's closed today, for the holiday. Interesting, huh? Of course, for the most part, November 1 is like the quiet, unassuming little sister, whose bad boy big brother, All Hallows' Eve, gets all the attention."

I love finding out new things, and this fact about Catholic schools being closed on November 1 was one of them.

December 1, 2007

"I'm off to the NYC Independent and Small Press Fair today...and while I'll admit I'm a little intimidated, I'm trying to keep an open mind and just learn from the whole experience."

Considering where I started the year, this was a smashing good place to wind it up, I think. I did survive, and I did meet a lot of other authors. One of the best perks of this day, though, was meeting Dru in person - fantastic!


Man, this was a great 2-day reflection for me. I learned so much about writing and editing and publishing and marketing this year. I can't wait to see what 2008 brings!


Mel said...

I think for most people 2007 was a good year. Here's hoping 2008 is much much better.

Dru said...

It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Next time we'll have to make it longer.

I hope 2008 brings you more success.

Jim Melvin said...

Dear Allie:

Thanks so much for again mentioning my series. My interview with you was one of my first, and since then I was a featured author at a prestigious book festival as well as appearing in-person at seven book stores. I also appeared on international video, half a dozen radio shows, in more than a dozen newspapers, and on more than two dozen popular websites and blogs, such as yours. I've also had several reviews, including a great one from the Tampa Tribune that said that Book 1 of my series was as good or better than Harry Potter. Whew!

I promise I'm not saying all this to brag. I know that authors at the mega-houses get a lot more press than this. But it's not bad for an author with a small press. And your interview was part of what started it all off.

Thanks so much! And continued success with all of your wonderful writing and endeavours.

May you, yours, and your readers be well, happy, peaceful in 2008.

Sarita Leone said...

Isn't it great to look back and smile? And then, to look forward and smile...

Happy New Year!

windycindy said...

Once again, I enjoyed your reflections on your life in 2007. It truly makes me think back on my own. All in all, my life and my family's was good. Happy New Year, Allie! Cindi