Monday, May 12, 2008

The Other Side of Promoting: Fear

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

"Do one thing every day that scares you." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

First off, thanks to everyone who commented yesterday, and especially those who offered suggestions of possible places I might sneak in an author visit.

Marianne, if I end up swinging through the Boston and southern NH areas this summer, I may just take you up on that offer for your local library.

Bunnygirl, I would love the contact info for your aunt who heads up the public library in CT (I'll find a way to contact you offline)!

And here's another possibility: when I got home last night and opened my email, I found a message from my fifth grade teacher...the very same one that One Night in Boston is dedicated to! (My mom called her up and told her about the book and dedication). This is what her email said, in part:

You can't imagine how excited I was to hear you have published your first book. Congratulations! And I am so honored and pleased to learn that it is dedicated to your mom and to me!! What a surprise. Your mom tells me that you will be in town for a signing in July; what is the date for that because I certainly want to see you there and buy your book!

Also I'm wondering if you would be interested in reviewing/leading the discussion of your book for our local book club....Please let me know if you are interested, and I will fill you in on details.

Isn't that cool?

A couple of people commented yesterday about how much work I put into marketing, and it's true, I suppose, I do. It is also quite daunting, however, so I don't want anyone to think I just breeze through these experiences without any qualms. Despite the fact that I stand up in front of high school students each day, I still get uneasy when I'm not in my element. I'm not the person who can walk into a party and strike up a jovial conversation with the first person I see.

But I have always tried to live by Eleanor Roosevelt's words on fears and facing them, which I featured today (up above). I have found that you will amaze yourself if you honestly try to do the thing you think you can't.


Last thing to share for today: the trailer I made for Devon Gray's upcoming novella, Addicted. She picked out the music and wrote the script; I just compiled it. But I think it's terrific, and now I can't wait to read the book! Thoughts?


Marianne Arkins said...

Great trailer!

And, how cool that your mom called your teacher (I don't think I could find any of my fifth grade teachers if I tried!).

I'm so excited at all your promo work.

Diane Craver said...

Very powerful trailer! Great job, Devon and Allie!

Wow - that is fantastic about your 5th grade teacher. And leading the discussion of your book for her book club is so cool.

Dru said...

I love the trailer.

You must be on cloud nine with the kind words that your fifth grade teacher wrote. I love the idea of leading the book club group. That will be just awesome.

You Rock!

windycindy said...

How fun! Events like your teacher calling and wanting to visit with you and purchase your book only come around once in a lifetime. Such a wonderful happening for you. Cindi

Sarita Leone said...

Another great trailer!

I love it that your teacher contacted you. You must be thrilled. :)