Sunday, May 04, 2008

Surrounded by Inspiration

"I don't know a lot about politics, but I can recognize a good party when I see one." ~Mae West

Had such a lovely time yesterday at Jenna Kernan's Authors' Tea:

Jen is a member of my local RWA chapter (I gave away 2 of her books on my blog a couple months back), and she is absolutely the funniest and nicest person I've met in a long time. She writes historical romance for Harlequin and belongs to 3 - yes 3 - local RWA groups. And every year she has a tea in her home to bring fellow writers together and raise money for Heifer International (she won't let anyone bring anything, so a few years back instead of hostess gifts she suggested a small $$ to a charity).

It was a small group, just 8 of us, but they included a screenwriter, 2 published paranormal authors, 3 published historical authors, and 2 published contemporary authors. I sat between Jen, who just found out she's a RITA finalist this year (big honor in RWA) and a woman who is an RWA board member and also a professor of Victorian literature at a community college in CT.

The meal was scrumptious - scones and finger sandwiches and fresh fruit and lots and lots of tea - and the conversation never stopped for 3+ hours. It was so nice to be in a group of fellow authors, to talk about the writing and marketing and editing concerns common to us all. We told all kinds of crazy stories and laughed until the tears ran, literally. It was terrific.

Plus, it was just the kick of inspiration I needed, and when I came home I sat down at my laptop and got through another 1000 words or so on One Night in Napa. I'm struggling - it's the darned sagging middle - but at least I got something on the page.

And no, I don't have pictures from yesterday, unfortunately, but Jen took some, so if I get my hands on one, I'll post it. Now I'm off to write some more!


LaskiGal said...

What a great night! To be surrounded by all that creativity must have been wonderful! What a great source of inspiration!

Marianne Arkins said...

I love to talk with other authors! You must have had a blast :-)

windycindy said...

Happy Sunday! It sounds like a wonderful time to me! There is nothing like being with a good group of people; especially when you have something in common to talk about! I enjoy teas and tea rooms. Have a great week.....Cindi

Amy Addison said...

Oh, the tea sounds lovely! And what a group of writers to be with!