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Writers Wednesday: An Interview with Beth Wylde

Welcome to Writers' Wednesday! Today I'm featuring erotica/erotic romance author Beth Wylde (yes, that means she writes the steamy stuff, so some of her links are forewarned). Enjoy!

Hi, Beth, and thanks for being here today! Can you tell us about your latest writing project or published title?

I've got several things going on. My first release from Torquere Press, Switching Sides, came out in April. It's f/f erotica. In May I just had another release, from Phaze, that was supposed to be for an anthology, but they asked me to lengthen it so it could be published as a stand alone title. It's called The Big Four-0h! and it is m/f/f/m erotic romance. I also just signed a contract with Phaze for an adult fairytale rewrite titled A Little Taste of Red. It's based on the Little Red Riding Hood story but it is definitely not for the kiddies or the faint at heart. Very steamy!

Congrats on your writing success - that's a busy spring! So what advice would you give to new writers just starting out?

Write, write, write. Then don't be afraid to submit. We all get rejections and that's okay but you'll never get anywhere if you don't try. Also(and I'm speaking from experience here) do your homework and check out the publisher before you submit. I've been caught in one that was closing and one very poor publishing house. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Check with other authors and people who have worked there. See if they are happy. If you get a lot of bad reports then steer clear. A bad publisher is much worse than having no publisher at all.

Very true! OK, what kinds of books do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

Love paranormal and erotica and if they are combined then that's even better. I'm a big fan of the werewolves and the vampires. I also love the f/f stuff. I just started reading some m/m but what I've read I've enjoyed. I'd love to see more of the big publishers take on the f/f stuff. Not sure I have just one favorite. I love Kim Harrison and J.R Ward for the paranormal. I've also really enjoyed Cassandra Gold's m/m and Jolie du Pre and Megan Rose for the f/f writing. Cass is in my critique group and she rocks.

What do you find most difficult about writing? What do you find most exciting or rewarding?

Most difficult is definitely finding the time to actually sit down and type things out. My three kids and part time job keep me busy, not to mention keeping things together when I'm at home. I often write things out longhanded, the kids don't seem to mind me sitting down with a notebook but they hate to see me at the computer. Then at night I try to type things out or use my dictation software to save my wrist a little wear and tear.

The most exciting is finding out what my characters are going to do next. I often get the ideas for a story, the basic intro and stuff but from there on out I kind of wing it and the characters tell me their next moves. A lot of times the story goes somewhere I didn't plan to go but I have to give my characters free range or the story stops dead.

The most rewarding has to be getting a good review, especially when a reader emails me and tells me they loved my book. It makes it all worthwhile.

How do you balance writing with the rest of your life?

Not sure I ever do balance it but I do the best I can. The writing is something I love to do and something that I have to do too. It keeps me sane. I have all these ideas running around in my head and I have to get them out.

Do you ever suffer from writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?

I think all writers suffer from block at least once in their lives. My problem usually comes from trying to force the story. If I relax and let it flow where it wants to I'm usually okay but when I try to bend the storyline in a certain direction I almost always get stuck or end up hating what I wrote. I also have an amazing critique group that helps me out. Brainstorming is wonderful when you do it with people that understand you. If all else fails I walk away or switch to a differnet project until inspiration strikes again.

Fun question, now: what is your favorite movie? Did it inspire your writing in any way?

My favorite movie of all time is The Lost Boys. I watched it over and over again and I think that is what got me into the vamps and other paranormal characters so much. One of my favorite genres to read is paranormal romance or erotica.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today, Beth. Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

I can be found online in a lot of places. For info about my writing, great chat events or sneak peeks at my stories check out my website: or my yahoo group where I host monthly events and often offer up free goodies

I have yahoo IM at b.wylde and email at

Links to my guestbook and other things such as my Myspace page can be found on my website.

My current publishers are Torquere Press:
and Phaze at:


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Great interview! :)

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Hi, Sounds like Beth has many irons in the fire. I wish her luck with her new books coming out! Cindi

Diane Craver said...

Hi Beth,
That's interesting your kids are okay with you writing in longhand but don't like to see you working on the computer. It sounds like it works very well for you and hope you sell lots of books!

Great interview!