Friday, June 06, 2008

Odds and Ends and Questions from Readers

"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance." ~Bern Williams

So a few odds and ends to round out the week:

1. Amy asked when we start school here in NY ~ the day after Labor Day, always.

2. Dru asked how I decide where to set my One Night... stories. Well, One Night in Memphis was the first one I wrote, and it was based in part on a real-life single night in Memphis, on Beale Street, that a girlfriend and I spent after college. One Night in Boston - well, I just love the city. I do feel like I should write about cities I've actually been to. But I deliberately set One Night in Napa on the West Coast for marketing reasons, thinking I shouldn't isolate readers out there. (I've been to SF and Napa Valley, though). I have plans for Cleveland and Philadelphia, too.

3. I found out that my short story "Blue Circle Books" is about 95% guaranteed to make the cut for publication in Adams Media's My Mom is My Hero anthology, coming out next Mothers' Day.

4. I received my copy of Romance Sells in the mail yesterday. This is a catalog of new and upcoming releases in romance, that's sent to about 8000 librarians around the country. It's hefty $$$ to place an ad in it, but I figured I'd give it a try for my first 2 books and see what happens.

5. And speaking of selling, I got my May royalties from Samhain, and unbelievably, I'm still selling ebooks of One Night in Boston. Cool!


Mom said...

Naturally I'm especially pleased that the short story, "Blue Circle Books" is pretty sure to make the cut!
Love. Mom

Devon Gray said...

Congratulations on everything! I know you are excited. Let us know how the advertising pans out. I'm off to the beach with the family for eight days. Yay!

Amy said...

Wahoo on still getting royalties for Boston--uber cool.

I'll be watching to see how the Romance Sells ad works for you.

How many days in classroom do you have?

Dru said...

That is excellent about your short story.

I just got my print copy of One Night In Boston.

Have a good weekend.

windycindy said...

Sounds like you are on a roll! Have a wonderful weekend.....Cindi