Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OK, So I'm Not Crazy...

Most of you felt the same way I do about yesterday's stories.

Yes, it's a terrible tragedy that the girl died, but suing the school? I think it's another case of people trying to find a way to assuage their loss and pain by finding someone - anyone - to share the blame. And it's one thing if we're talking about a child, finding a "neat" way to climb up somewhere she shouldn't. But they were 16 and 18 years old. I understand the thrill of the the forbidden, but with that comes consequences - and if they're tragic ones, they're still consequences. (Thanks, J.K., for the comment from a legal standpoint, though - it helps to make sense where the lawyer is coming from)

And the West Point grad...at first, I didn't think it was a terrible thing, for him to take an opportunity for a pro sports career. But West Point students receive a free, outstanding education - and, as many of you mentioned, they all know what they owe in return. Mostly, though, I felt that if the Air Force and Naval academies have a strict policy in place regarding athletes and service, then the Army should follow. And there's nothing stopping him from pursuing that career once his military obligations are fulfilled.


I'm off to a mini-tour of New Hampshire today: a book discussion tonight and tomorrow night at 2 different libraries. I'm interested to see the response (or lack)...I'll keep you posted!


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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the West Point boy, but I think taking back the decision is, for lack of a better word, odd.

It's like Indian giving. I just read on AW about an agent who offered representation and then called back a week later and said that he realized didn't want to offer representation anymore.

Ok, so obviously completely different, but come on West Point...get your act together, right?

windycindy said...

I wish I could see New Hampshire. I love New England. Cindi