Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Great Book for Dog Lovers

"Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." ~Mark Twain

Here's a quick book recommendation, before I head to my umpteen things on the To-Do list today:

Unleashed: The Collected Dog Columns (by Beth Quinn)

It's a collection of short pieces written by my local news columnist, columns she wrote over the years about her dogs and their antics. First off, she's just a great writer. Second, they're wonderfully touching even if you aren't a dog person (but if you are, I imagine you'll appreciate them that much more). If you're looking for a great gift, either to give or receive (the holidays are coming, you know!), give it a look.

Here are a couple of teasers for you...

"I really ought to get rid of that dog," I say to myself as I examine a freshly gnawed window sill. And then I hear my 10-year old boy Brendan laughing that deep, hearty laughter that can only come from the soul. The dog and the boy are in the bedroom, and the dog is dragging the boy out from under the covers by his underwear. This is Cassidy's boy, and it's time for him to wake up and play. The world's a marvelous place this morning, and he needs his boy to share it with him.


The trouble with Lassie was, she set an awfully high standard for dogs in the IQ department. All our dogs seem fairly inept by comparison.

Remember how smart Lassie was?

At least once an episode she'd approach a family member, usually Gramps, and have a conversation.

"Woof!" Lassie would say.

"What's that, girl?" Gramps would say.

And Lassie would say, "Woof!"

"Oh!" Gramps would say. "You mean Timmy's foot is caught under a splintered floor board in the hayloft at the Owens farm, Girl? And there's an electric cable about to break and set the barn on fire?"

"Woof!" Lassie would say, and they'd both go off, and Lassie would save Timmy because she was a brave dog as well as a smart one.

The reason I bring this up here is because it might be our own fault that our dogs don't seem quite as bright as Lassie. It might be that we're not quite as bright as Gramps.

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