Monday, April 06, 2009

Today, a Time Out

Wow, you don't realize how dependent you become on Internet service until you don't have it, right? Ours has been intermittent since last week, and since I don't know when it might boot me off again, I'm taking today off from posting anything substantial. Hope I'll see you here tomorrow!


Devon Gray said...

What a pain! I'm having email problems...not receiving some, and receiving others. The missing ones? Critiques from my cp's. The ones making it through? Macy's...Office Depot...Plow and Hearth...Great.

I hope yours is sorted out soon!

Marianne Arkins said...

UGH... hopefully it clears up, cuz YEAH... it's tough without it.

Mary Ricksen said...

It's awful. And then all the emails you never got, are there waiting for you!
And to think a couple of years ago you couldn't get me near a PC