Friday, April 10, 2009

A Very Quick Tip from Very Far Away

Readers, if my posts are rather erratic the next few days, it's because I'm in a very different time zone from most of you. Hubby and I splurged and are vacationing in Hawaii for the next 7 days. And yes, while it is close to paradise here, I've had such a hellish year (as some of you know) that this escapism is exactly what I need...

Anyway, today, a very quick tip for writers:

You'll notice from my sidebar that I have a cluster of book signings happening in early-mid May. Most of them are focused on My Mom is my Hero -- because, as it turns out, bookstores love when you can connect your book to an event/date/reason for readers. I sent out a bunch of press releases and had a few stores contact me. All were thrilled with the thought of doing a signing to coincide with Mother's Day. Now, obviously that book and that holiday are a ready-made connection. But what I've picked up in talking to the managers of these stores is that they really do like to have authors come in. They just need a reason to feature them.

So...think creatively about the ways you can connect your book to local events, holidays, etc. If you can convince stores (or papers or other media) to give you a signing or a promo opportunity that way, it's one more method of getting your name out there.

And isn't that what's it's all about?

Happy Easter Weekend, by the way!


Dru said...

Enjoy your Hawaiian vacation.

mld said...

Hope you had a great flight and the weather is wonderful. Enjoy your trip.

Mary Ricksen said...

I hope you have the time of your life.
I also hope that you sell big bunches of books at your signings.