Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fun Facts: 28 Inches of Snow and Counting!

Yes, that's right: we've been hit by the storm that's pounding the Northeast right now. It's been snowing pretty steadily since TUESDAY afternoon, and we haven't had school the last 3 days. Our county is in a state of emergency, and poor hubby has tried to keep up with plowing the driveway with mixed results. There's nowhere left to put all the snow!

I've managed to get out and take a few pictures of it, though, so here you go: a photo montage for this Friday...

Drifts (and crazy icicles!) along the front of our house

Trees along our driveway (this pic is from early yesterday)

Our driveway, early yesterday

Me standing in our backyard this morning = 28" of snow! And we're supposed to get more throughout the day...

At least this gives me lots of time to write!

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Wow this is a lot of snow! I have conplained about snow all year but we haven't got this much at one time. I am so ready for spring!