Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writers' Wednesday: Audio Books and Tips from Writer's Digest

"Trouble knocked on the door, but hearing laughter, hurried away." ~Benjamin Franklin

OK, let me just say, it is really really cool to hear your book read aloud by someone. I just got the audio files of Lost in Paradise, which is releasing next month in audio book, and I spent last night listening to some of it (I guess I'm actually supposed to be listening for any errors, sort of like a Final Line Edit in audio form). It's kind of like the first time I saw my writing in print, holding the actual book in my hands. Only this time I'm hearing someone else read my words. So cool!


And from the March issue of Writer's Digest, some interesting articles, including...

"What's in a Name?" (about how authors name their characters - what do you do? a former teacher of mine, turned playwright, wanders through graveyards for inspiration, choosing a first name from this headstone, and a last name from that one...)

"Write Like Stephen King" (about how to insert suspense into your writing, in effect by dropping hints about conflicts to come down the road)

"The Reluctant Writer's Guide to Handselling Your Book" (best tip from this one: introduce yourself to shoppers by saying, "Hi, I'm today's author" and putting your book in their hands. once it's there, it's a lot harder for them to put down without at least looking at it)

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