Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fun Facts: I'm Famous! (Well, Sort Of...)

So here's some exciting news, faithful blog readers: a couple of months ago, the publicist for Samhain contacted me with a somewhat strange request: a Brazilian TV station wanted to do an interview with me. Why? Well, this was during the 2-week period when my debut novel One Night in Boston was being offered as a Kindle Freebie, and the producer was doing a piece on the new iPad and wanted to include an ebook author. It didn't hurt that I live outside of NYC, either, which is where their affiliate station is located.

Soo.....a reporter and cameraman came to my house and filmed me! Very cool, and they were both very nice (and spoke English quite well). It was a little bit of a surreal experience, but I guess it turned out OK, because they included about a minute of the interview in their eventual piece on the iPad. Long story short: I finally got the online link for it, and I'm sharing it with you!

Now, it's in Portuguese, so you'll mostly have to just follow the visual (unless you happen to speak the language). And if you want to skip forward to my part, it's around the 3:45 minute mark (but why would you? the whole thing is about 5 minutes long, and it's a kind of cool intro to the iPad craze). Yes, I did get to use one, and it was very cool. If it wasn't so much $$, I might actually consider buying one (since I still don't have an ebook reader). The quality was AMAZING.

As it is, though, for now I'm content to enjoy my little 15 minutes of foreign language fame (although I hate, hate, the way I look in the video...I'm so vain hahaha) Hope you enjoy it too!


Anonymous said...

That was so amazing...I just watched the Brazilian video clip.
Congratulations, you are famous!!
Well maybe just a little!

Maria Zannini said...

That is just soooooooo cool! I know somebody famous!!

Congrats, Allie. I was grinning the whole time watching this.

PS. You look great, woman. I'd have to hire a stunt double. LOL.

Marianne Arkins said...

That's SO FREAKING COOL. And you look fine... I wish I spoke Portuguese. But at least yours wasn't overdubbed so much, so I could hear you :-)

Judy said...

Super cool, chick! And you looked great. I'm so proud of you....

Diane Craver said...

Wow - that is so wonderful, Allie! Congratulations on this latest success!