Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday Fun Facts: Win a Nook or a Kindle!

Happy first day of April! Whether you have any "fools" planned for today, Mother Nature already played one on those of us in the northeast. We were predicted to be walloped by a storm, up to 1 foot snow by this morning! But in my corner of the woods, all we ended up with was a little dusting. My daffodils are awfully happy!

In other exciting news, The Long and the Short of It is holding a "Spring is Busting Out All Over!" giveaway - every day this month, you can comment on their guest blogs for a chance to win a Nook, a Kindle, OR a $150 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble! And mark your calendars: my guest blog will appear Sunday, April 9th. Happy Spring!

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