Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun Facts: Finding the Time to Write...

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We have today off from school (a first-time ever), and then the next 3 days as well, so I'm really hoping to do some solid writing while I have some time. I'm revising Entwined, making it a shorter work (about 45K) - also revising Tequila Sunrise (will remain around 18K) - and finally, taking stock in what full-length work I want to tackle over the summer. It's a little nerve-wracking, because I don't have anything contracted and haven't released anything new in over a year. That's why I'm hoping to contract a couple of shorter works, to keep me on readers' radar while I work on another longer novel.


It's definitely hard to develop a writing career while also having a full-time job that pays the bills. Yes, I know many people do it. It's still hard!

But for now, I have 4 days ahead of me, and so I'm putting fingers to keyboard and nose to screen and slogging through.

Oh, and I'll be giving a writing workshop on the evening of July 27th at the Phillips Free Library in Homer, NY (my hometown), which should be a lot of fun. The librarian has invited me in to do a couple of talks in the past, but this time she secured a grant so she could have me in longer, and more formally. Will have to put together a compelling agenda for the evening...if you're a writer or just interested in hearing from a writer, consider joining me!


JL Walters said...

Allie, Good luck with the writing. Do not worry about having contracts, just write and submit. I never tell any publisher what I'm working on. I like to surprise them. You'll have contracts before long.

Allie Boniface said...

Thanks, Janet!