Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Some random facts, in no particular order:

1. I really liked the Romance Writer's Report article on writing dialogue, in the June 2011 issue. Specifically, the reminder that people tend to talk in "code" (think of married people discussing conflict in front of others) was a good tip.

2. Brava is having a contest for all unpublished authors - they're calling for novellas in any genre. More information here.

3. I was really glad I made the bed and straightened the house yesterday before work, because the crazy-high winds blew in a window screen...which triggered our house alarm...which summoned the police to our place. On a walk-through with them, I realized I failed to put away my lingerie on the drying rack, but oh well. Almost everything else passed muster :)

4. This fairly large snapping turtle was digging a hole near the bottom of our driveway. Getting ready to lay eggs? Maybe, which would be kind of cool. I've seen turtles everywhere this spring, on the side of the road, IN the road, crossing parking lots. More sightings than ever before. Wonder why?

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