Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: Listening to a Book

Yes, I skipped my Monday blog post....suffering from an awfully bad head cold that is making the rounds at work. Why, oh why, do people INSIST on coming to work when they're sick? I suppose I shouldn't fault the devotion of the students, maybe not even the other teachers either, but really, martyring yourself by dragging your sick self coughing to work is only going to spread around your lovely cold germs for the rest of us.


Well, I'm on the mend now, and anxiously awaiting the narrator demo tapes for the first of my 3 novels that will be produced as audio books this summer. When AudioLark started up a couple of years ago, and did my first 2, that wasn't an option, but now they let the authors have a listen to the narrators they're considering, and we get a say in who will read our words. How cool is that??

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