Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: Battling Online Pirates

Hey writer friends, here's a link you might want to check out, especially if you're e-published and you've found some online scoundrels posting your ebooks for "free". Yeah, those e-pirates are awfully tough to track down, but is a site that will do it for you. For $15/month, the site scans the Internet daily to look for illegally posted "shared" files that violate copyrights. They'll send you an email every day, and then you can have them send an official DMCA letter to have the file removed (the monthly fee covers 60 "takedowns" although you can pay for more).

So far I'm pleased with the site. It only found 15 illegally shared files of mine the first day, and those were taken down within 24 hours. I'll probably continue with them until/unless there's not a need...which, unfortunately, may not be anytime soon, knowing piracy sites. But at least there's something authors and other artists can do to protect our copyrighted works. We've certainly worked hard enough to produce them!

**Note: email me at for the email link that will take you to the $15/month fee, otherwise I think it's $25/month if you go straight through the main Muso site.

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