Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Mentionables: I'll Be on the Radio!

Well, not really on the radio. Or, well, sort of. A fellow romance author, Bernadette Walsh, is dabbling with starting a blog radio show featuring romance writers. I'm always one to give a new kind of promo opportunity a try, so I jumped in and said Sure!

What will it entail? On Saturday December 22, at 11 am (EST), she'll be interviewing me live (via phone) for "Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books" and you'll be able to hear it online right here.

Even better, though, it will record so that if you miss the live interview, you can play the link as a sound file anytime in the future. And I'll certainly have it on my website (and here on this blog) so readers can listen in.

Fellow romance authors, if you're interested, she's actively looking for people to interview. Click on the link above, and there are details there about contacting her for a spot. All interviews are held on Saturdays at 11:00 am, for 30 minutes. (She's interviewing a senior editor from Lyrical Press this-coming Saturday, Dec. 8th)

Can't wait to give it a try and report back here! Remember: "Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books" on Saturday, December 22 at 11am. Give it a listen - and if you're really brave, call in with a question of your own for me to answer!

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Bernadette Walsh said...

So excited to interview you Allie! And yes if anyone is interested in appearing on my show please contact me at Here's a link to todays's show