Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fun Facts: Thinking About my Father

Happy Friday, everyone! Today's fun fact/photo is in honor of my dad, who passed away from a long battle with cancer 4 years ago yesterday, January 10.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us, because it really epitomizes our relationship. I'm always reminded how lucky I was to know him and have him as an influence in my life. Lots I could say, but the biggest one, that I always tell others, is that he was my biggest fan. Yeah, I suppose I was a Daddy's girl: I could do no wrong. And yeah, I suppose maybe that's not always the best message to send a child (humility, anyone?). But for the most part, that *value* that he gave me, about myself and everything I did, was the most powerful gift he could have imparted. That I was loved no matter what, that everything I did mattered, whether little or big, that accomplishments could be measured in all sort of ways but that at the end of the day he was awfully lucky and proud to be my father, and I was awfully lucky and proud to be his daughter.

We inherit all kinds of things from our parents - hair color and voice and quirks and fears - and I look back and know that I've gotten all that and then some, from my dad. At the end of it all, I am so, so fortunate to have experienced the kind of love and support I did from him, as a child and as an adult. I miss him terribly.

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Mom said...

You couldn't have said it more eloquently.